• Strong Authentication

    Secure Your Enterprise with Strong Authentication

    Secure access to your enterprise applications with strong authentication integrated into your Windows environment. Our strong authentication platform provides biometrics, smart cards, RFID cards as second factor authentication into your enterprise networks.

  • Single Sign-On

    Maximum Convenience with High Security

    Improve ease-of-use through Single Sign-On to your web and client applications. Strong authentication support on SSO delivers High Security and High Convenience to your users.

  • Digital Rights Protection

    Secure Your Confidential Data from Prying Eyes..

    Keep your confidential data away from unauthorized access. Our unique technology provides automatic and transparent encryption for files; securing them even when they are taken out of your network. Maximum security for workgroup collaboration, zero change to the way people work!

  • Safeweb

    SafeWeb - Keeping You Safe Everyday!

    Protect your web servers from hackers and intrusion. SafeWeb works diligently every day, without fail, keeping your web sites safe from System &Application Vulnerabilities and Malware Attacks.


News & Events

SIMON Launches Strong Authentication Solution with Authasas and Novell

KUALA LUMPUR, April 20 2011 — SIMON added a strong authentication solution to its portfolio of identity and information security products. The enterprise single sign-on and multifactor authentication solution, running on Authasas and Novell platforms, allows its customers to use the National ID card (MyKad)...

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About Company

SIMON provides solutions that empower enterprises, consumers, people and web sites from various industries and all walks of life. We are specialists in bringing & delivering innovative technology products to market. Our products help solve customer's problems and unearth hidden value.

SIMON helps organizations meet or exceed their IT goals by providing solutions and services that...

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