Dexperien helps improve your customer engagement programs
Communication Console

Manage your audience. Engage with your customers across multiple channels on one platform. Communicate with customers from across the enterprise via text messages, e-mails, push communications, all from one communication console.

Instant ROI

Dexperien’s intelligent engine reduces your marketing cost by routing messages based on lowest message cost. Reach out to your customers fearlessly, without breaking the bank.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your customer management & database systems. Our robust integration module supports API and text file integration – you get to choose which is best suited to your needs.

Quality Online Leads

You are capturing leads data on your online channels but getting invalid data? With Dexperien, validating contact information becomes easy. Automating this contact validation saves your team’s time for more productive activities.


Already have preferred sms / email gateway providers? No problem – with Dexperien, you can use our delivery channel or supported gateway providers.


Dexperien’s analytics gives a holistic and in-depth view on your communication strategies and cost utilization across the different channels.


Your established business needs more sophisticated and larger scale marketing efforts but your current basic system not able to handle your capacity? Get our “Professional” account to assist you in your marketing analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Up to 50K contacts

  • Up to 100 active campaigns

  • SMS Communications

  • E-mail communications

  • Mobile Apps PUSH Notification

  • Pay as you go


When your organization grows your digital marketing efforts should grow. Dexperien’s tailor-made and on-premise solutions are here to suit your business needs.
  • Unlimited contacts

  • Unlimited active campaigns

  • On-Premise Installation

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Analytics

  • Custom integration